Monday, June 29, 2009

New Challenge

So ever since I finished the detox, I saw my weight creep up about 3 pounds. I know, it's only 3 pounds right? But that's still a lot considering I want to continue going down! I've definitely been getting back on track the past couple days and it feels good to see that number start to go down again--I actually talked to Todd (the owner of my gym) and he gave me a few new things to add into my routine.

My problem was that I wasn't switching up my routine. I know this is something I am supposed to be doing but I think I just got so comfortable with my routine and liked what I was doing that I didn't want to switch it up! But when you don't alter your routine every once in awhile, you kind of hit a plateau and I think I was getting to that point. So, now when I'm on the treadmill/elliptical, instead of doing the 'weight loss' programs, he wants me to do it manually--then as I go along, I need to switch up the incline and resistance. I'm also adding in 10 minutes on the stair stepper machine--which I can definitely tell is working! And he gave me a few new ab/weight workouts so focus on my tummy and under arms. It's going great so far and I feel like the new programs will definitely help me out!

Onto the new challenge...

I found a new blog the other day (gotta love the internet!) called Amy's Quest to Skinny--and she is putting on a 15-week challenge. It will probably be easier to link to it than to try and explain everything so I'll just do that...go here if you want to check it out! It starts today and I am super pumped..I think it will be nice to have different challenges every week and since it lasts through mid-October, it will keep me going for awhile!

I might track my progress here--I might not! Who knows? But I feel like this blog has turned into all about weight loss and that's not what it was (solely) intended hopefully I'll be back soon with something else!

Friday, June 19, 2009

quick update

I just realized I forgot to put up my "final" number for the detox--forgive me, yesterday was a hectic day! Well, I weighed myself in the morning and...

I lost another half of a pound so 7 lbs is my grand total! Well...grand total for the detox. My grand grand total is...

18 pounds!!

I'm so pumped! Now I just need to get workin' on that stomach! ;) haha my new goal is to have lost 25 lbs by the end of the month--it's a steep goal, that's 7 lbs. in 2 weeks but I figure if I don't have goals to beat, I'm never gonna get this done! Thanks for following me on this (short) journey and thanks for all the support! It's nice to hear and motivates me even more :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's all over?! Who would have thought it would have been that easy?! I'm not saying the temptations didn't get stronger as the days dwindled down but it honestly was really easy for me...I didn't have a serious temptation until, what, day 8? And even then, I didn't even consider cheating.

It feels good to have accomplished something like this. It makes me realize that I can stay healthy on a daily basis even after adding in the stuff I couldn't have. The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of healthy things on the 'no' list for the detox--for instance, egg whites are a great breakfast, whole wheat toast with peanut butter is an excellent breakfast, yogurt is a great snack, cottage cheese or string cheese are great snacks, and pork/beef are actually good for you in small amounts every week--but the purpose of the detox is to cleanse and create a base--and I think it did that very well!

I also think I pinpointed the reason why my weight loss tapered off (I lost .5 lbs yesterday)...I was looking through my notebook where I count my calories/exercise and I definitely did not do as well eating later in the week as I did earlier. Not that I ate worse but, ironically enough, I don't think I ate enough. Everyone knows that when you don't eat enough, instead of losing weight, your body goes into starvation mode and starts storing what you do eat--and I think I just wasn't eating enough in comparison to how much I was working out--and that caused my body to store those calories instead of burn them off. Luckily, I didn't gain weight any day--there were just some days that I didn't lose weight.

And that, of course, means I didn't make my goal of losing 10 lbs in 10 days! Boo! But, honestly, that's okay...because after yesterday, I'm at 6.5 lbs loss and I know I didn't gain anything even if I didn't lose anything today (I weigh myself each morning so I won't know til then!)...I still think 6.5 lbs in 10 days is great progress! That makes 17.5 lbs total! And that is something I am very proud of!

Like I said yesterday, tomorrow is cheat day! But in all honestly, I don't think I'll do anything too horrible! For heavens sake, I want Subway...I'm allowing myself anything and I'm picking Subway! haha But I'm not going to count calories (I am going to work out though--that's one habit that I actually don't like to break! who knew?) But I will be back to it on Friday...I'd like to be at a 25 lb. weight loss by the end of the month...that means, depending on my results in the morning, give or take about 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks--that should be nothing after this! haha

I will keep you posted tomorrow on what my final weight loss was and I will periodically post an update on my weight loss from here on out (probably at big numbers, 20, get the idea!) Anyway, today looked a little something like this:

breakfast: apple crisps
lunch: protein shake, 1/2 chicken with rice and mixed veggies
workout: 30 minute elliptical, 100 crunches, 35-minute weights
dinner: turkey burger, strawberries, blueberries

Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 3: down 1 lb.
Day 4: down .5 lbs.
Day 5: down 0 lbs.
Day 6: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 7: down .5 lbs.
Day 8: down 0 lbs.
Day 9: down .5 lbs.
Total: down 6.5 lbs.

Check back tomorrow for the total!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Detox-Day 9 tomorrow the last day of my detox? Really? I'm pretty sure that has to be wrong--because in no way, shape, or form does it feel like I've been on such a restricted diet for the past 9 days! It is definitely a great building block for the future.

I do have a couple of notes for today though--my weight 'loss' seems to be tapering off a bit. I didn't lose anything again today. However, I did start a new set of workouts (basically strength training: think dumbbells, yoga mat, and stability ball) at home that I've been doing the past couple days and I'm wondering if maybe that has contributed to the decreased/no weight loss. I can definitely see and feel (think sooore) a difference in certain areas of my body that I wasn't seeing much difference. And we all know that muscles weighs more than fat--so I'm guessing that's what's causing this--in which case, as long as I can keep seeing a difference, I'm okay with it...especially because eventually it will have to come off in one way or another!

I've been doing a lot more ab workouts as well...I was getting frustrated that I wasn't seeing a difference in my stomach. What I've noticed is that since I've started focusing more on my abs, I can see a difference in my lower half of my abs...but the middle stomach is still a problem area (think: where all the rolls collect! haha) so I'm going to try to find a few routines that focus on that specific area.

Lastly, I will probably gain 3 pounds back on Thursday because it's definitely going to be my cheat day! Subway, here I come! Honestly, it probably won't be as bad as I'm making it stomach has definitely shrunk so I'm not sure how much I'll actually be able to eat! But, after Cheat Day Thursday, it will be back to the grindstone on Friday! I will definitely be keeping the main aspects of this detox in mind but I am excited to add some new things in that I've learned. I'm excited for egg whites for breakfast, whole wheat toast, string cheese, yogurt...all things that are definitely still good for me and will benefit my healthy lifestyle but that weren't allowed on the detox!

I digress...onto today!

Breakfast: banana, protein shake
lunch: oatmeal with blueberries
snack: carrots
dinner: turkey burger, veggie sticks
workout: 20-minute elliptical, 30-minute weights, 15-minute treadmill

Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 3: down 1 lb.
Day 4: down .5 lbs.
Day 5: down 0 lbs.
Day 6: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 7: down .5 lbs.
Day 8: down 0 lbs.
Total: down 6 lbs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Detox-Day 8

Only 2 days left? Seriously? Wow..that's pretty awesome! I'm still doing good--I'm definitely getting to that point where I "can live without" but "would really enjoy" certain things--ya know, like bread...a glass of milk...some pasta...and, oh yeah, that absolutely wonderfully smelling piece of pizza Christie bought from Costco!! haha *sidenote* I actually told Christie today...when I started this detox, I thought for sure that as soon as it was over, I was going to be heading to Chipotle for a nice big old burrito! But as the detox goes on, do you want to know what I'm craving? Subway. No joke...I am actually craving the healthiest "fast food" that is out there! I just thought that was pretty ironic and funny :)

No, but for real, the truth is if I want to continue a healthy lifestyle, I'm going to have temptations all. the. time. So I better get use to them now. Once this detox is over it doesn't mean I can never indulge in pizza or pasta or even, gasp!, eating more than normal! But the trick is to never continually overdo it...and if I do end up eating more at one meal, I will need to adjust my schedule for later that day (or vice versa--if I know I'm going to be eating more later, I eat less earlier). Not to mention that once I get down to where I want to be--weight and health-wise--while I will still have to be acutely aware of what I'm putting into my mouth and exercising, I won't have to be as meticulous because I won't want to continue losing weight.

Okay, I feel like these detox updates are turning more into me just going on and on about random stuff than an actual update so I'll try to stop that for the next 2 days! haha Today's rundown...

breakfast: protein shake, bowl of fruit
workout: 30-minute aerobics at home
lunch: almonds, cherries (I know it looks like an insanely light lunch but I had a late breakfast--and a big one at that!)
snack: veggie straws
dinner: chicken, strawberries, mango
workout: 35-minute elliptical, 250 crunches, 30-minute weights, 15-minute treadmill

Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 3: down 1 lb.
Day 4: down .5 lbs.
Day 5: down 0 lbs.
Day 6: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 7: down .5 lbs.
Total: down 6 lbs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Detox-Day 7

I almost forgot to post tonight! I'm so exhausted today--who knows why--and I was headed to bed and realized I didn't post. And yes, I am lame enough to come back and post it tonight!

Today was a good day (am I getting redundant?? haha) I even walked into a McDonalds--both yesterday and rent a movie from redbox, don't worry!--and I was not tempted for one second to buy anything! Now that's progress, don't you think? I will admit to one moment today though--luckily it wasn't a serious temptation seeing as how what I wanted wasn't even possible at the time--but, while I was watching the tWINs game today, I saw someone eating a hot dog and I had a huge craving for a dome dog! haha But that's normal for me even when this isn't going on! lol I don't know what it is about those dome dogs but they're just so tasty! I am beyond excited for next Saturday when I can enjoy one, guilt free!

I'm thinking about starting to go to the gym twice a day on days that I'm I crazy? Seriously, call me crazy, but I really actually crave going to the gym now! The fact that I'm starting to see differences--not just by looking at myself but on the scale too--definitely helps..and honestly? I'm unemployed...why not put as much effort into working out and losing as much weight as possible before I get a job and don't have that luxury right?

Also, the big workout yesterday must have been beneficial because I, slightly, made up for the no weight loss the day before! I lost 1.5 lbs yesterday...let's hope for the same result for today since my workout was even longer!

Ok enough rambling :) Onto today...
breakfast: oatmeal made with rice milk (honestly, I don't even taste the rice milk--it's really not bad) and blueberries, protein shake
workout: 10-minute treadmill, 30-minute elliptical, 750 crunches, 45-minute weights, 10-minute elliptical, 20-minute treadmill
lunch: turkey burger, cantaloupe
dinner: chicken, carrots (I was planning on having some watermelon and cherries as well but I was so. stuffed. I guess my stomach really must be shrinking!)
snack: protein shake, 1/2 banana

Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lb.
Day 3: down 1 lb.
Day 4: down .5 lbs.
Day 5: down 0 lbs.
Day 6: down 1.5 lbs.
Total: down 5.5 lbs!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Detox-Day 6

I am officially over the hump! 4 more days left and I'm still goin' strong! haha

Today was a good day--my hamstring is still a little sore but I iced it a lot today--probably not smart to work out on it (and a longer workout than normal at that!) but I could definitely tell a difference in myself with not working out yesterday and I wanted to get back on the horse, if you will...haha It actually didn't bother me too much when I was working out (surprisingly)'s mostly when I stretch that muscle so I just avoided doing that as much as possible. I skipped the leg curl (the machine that works your hamstring) and I put most of my weight on my right leg when I knew I was going to be using my hamstring--and the treadmill and elliptical didn't really bother it at all which completely surprised me!

Ok enough about that--in a couple of days, I'll be good as new anyways! I was correct in my assumption yesterday--I didn't lose any weight...but I also didn't gain any which stands as a good outcome in my book! I'll be working out extra hard these last few days (finish strong, right?!) so hopefully I can make up for this day somewhere in there!

Onto the days info...
breakfast: oatmeal and a protein shake
lunch: turkey burger, carrots, blueberries, watermelon
workout: 10 minute treadmill, 30 minute elliptical, 500 crunches, 40-minute weights, 30-minute treadmill
dinner: rice with mixed veggies and chicken with olive oil as the "dressing"

Day 1: down 1 lb
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs
Day 3: down 1 lb
Day 4: down .5 lbs
Day 5: down 0--but up 0 as well! :)
Total: down 4 lbs

Friday, June 12, 2009

Detox-Day 5

Halfway?! Already?! No way! It doesn't really feel like I've been doing this for 5 days already--but I have! And only 5 more to go :)

Food-wise, today was a really good day...exercise-wise, it was not. I'm not sure if my leg is just really sore or if I actually pulled a muscle but whenever I step on my left foot, I can definitely feel a strain in my hamstring (which I am icing as I type!)--ouchie! So I decided to take the day off from working out--hopefully it's feeling better tomorrow because I typically like to work out a little harder the day after I didn't work out--but we will see! I'm also not anticipating a weight loss for today since I didn't get my workout in...but like I said, hopefully it's feeling better tomorrow and I can make up for it!

Day 5 schedule...
breakfast: banana, protein shake
lunch: turkey burger wrapped in lettuce, peach
snack: carrots
dinner: potatoes baked in olive oil, blueberries, strawberries

Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 3: down 1 lb.
Day 4: down .5 lb.
Total: down 4 lbs.

Like I said, I'm not anticipating a weight loss for today but check back tomorrow to find out!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Detox-Day 4

It is crazy to think that I am almost halfway through this detox!! I remember, before I even started, I thought this was going to be the longest 10 days of my life! In college, I tried the fruit & veggies detox (basically, it's exactly what it sounds like--all you eat is fruit & veggies for 10 days) but there were a couple problems with that one...a) I didn't limit what I could throw milk, soda, and beer...well that adds a lot of calories! and b) I never actually lasted the full 10 days...I think the longest I lasted was 7 days.

So, this time, I am determined not to cheat and to go the full 10 days. It's definitely easier since there are a lot of foods you can have besides fruit & veggies. Today has been great! Still no cravings, still following the detox to a T :) I actually really like this detox because unlike the fruit & veggies detox or the master cleanse ("the lemonade diet"--you may have heard of that--a friend of mine actually started that the same day I started this detox and she said it was so hard, she only lasted 3 days!), there are a lot of things you can eat that will give you a very solid basis for healthy living after the detox is over. Obviously, I will slowly be adding in extra things like ketchup and salad dressing, etc...but it helps that I'll be able to remember that I don't need those things and I don't need to go overboard with them. Ooh! Another thing that I did today that was fantastic, was I made a turkey burger and since I can't have any bread, I wrapped a piece of lettuce around it as the "bun"...oh. my. goodness. It was sooo good--I may not even need to go back to buns after this!

Anyways, now that I'm done rambling, here was what today looked like:
breakfast: banana, protein shake
lunch: turkey burger wrapped in lettuce, carrots
dinner: a big bowl of fruit (watermelon, canteloupe, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries--you name it)
workout: 20 minute treadmill, 20 minute elliptical, 30 minute weights, 250 crunches, 15 minute treadmill
snack: protein shake, cherries

Day 1: down 1 lb
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs
Day 3: down 1 lb
Total: down 3.5 lbs!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow--half way point!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Detox-Day 3

Best day yet I think...I balanced my meals better and snuck in a quick workout before heading over to Stefs. Still not really craving anything--I was going to say that I was getting a little sick of fruit and cut down on that today but as I'm looking at what I ate, if I said that, it would be a lie! ha! But, on that same note, after looking at what I ate, I need to add in some more veggies tomorrow and the rest of the detox...

This'll be a quick post (not only because it's late--have I mentioned how much I looove (sarcasm folks) tWINs road trips on the west coast?!--but because I don't really have much to went really well, that's about it!

Here's how my day went...
breakfast: banana (I was running late and had to find something to scarf down fast on the way to work...oops!)
lunch: protein shake, chicken, blueberries
workout: 25 minute elliptical (that's ALL! bad melanie!)
dinner: 1 large potato, a can of tuna, and a small amount of watermelon/canteloupe
snack: if you can really count this as a snack (it has 0 calories) but I froze some flavored mineral water and "ate" it as a slushy, haha...I meant to bring my protein mix with for my after dinner snack but I left it at home and didn't want to make the trek back to get it

Round-up so far:
Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs!
Total: down 2.5 lbs

Detox-Day 2

Soo--my plan was to post quick after the tWINs game...however, since we're now in the bottom of the 9th inning (and have been for quite awhile), I'm just going to do it while we play--we started this inning up's now 10-5 with the bases loaded...Joe Nathan just went in so hopefully that means win but who knows tonight...

anyways, on to the detox update.

Today was a little more difficult only in the fact that I don't think I ate enough. I kept myself pretty busy but instead of realizing that I'm cutting out a ton of stuff and need to make up for it, I just kind of...well...didn't. I've had a headache on and off all day and I even cut my workout a little short because I was getting light-headed (word to the wise: make sure you've eaten enough before you work out for the day!)

Other than that, it wasn't really any harder than yesterday. I haven't begun to crave things yet so that's good :) But I am definitely going to be smarter tomorrow and eat's the breakdown for the day:

breakfast: oatmeal with rice milk & strawberries
lunch: protein shake
workout: 20 minute treadmill, 30 minute elliptical, 30 minute weights, and 10 minute treadmill
dinner: chicken with rice, watermelon
snack: almonds, protein shake

But on a positive note, day 1 of the detox led to a 1 pound weight loss (which is what I would like to average throughout this detox)!! Oh yeah, and tWINs win! Go Nathan!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Detox-Day 1 was Day 1 of my detox. "What? Detox?" Yeah, I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned anything on here about fact, I haven't really mentioned much of anything on here lately--I've been a bad blogger! But, I plan on tracking my progress with this detox so I'm here to summarize my first day :)

First though, I will explain this detox--but only in a nutshell or else it would take too long. So, basically, I can have all fruits (except oranges), all vegetables (except corn), all nuts (except peanuts or peanut butter), chicken, fish, whole grains, oats, rice, all spices, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.

I cannot have oranges & corn (obviously), beef, pork (basically any meat other than chicken and fish), no dairy whatsoever (that means no milk, no cheese, no yogurt), no eggs, no condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc....that also means no salad dressing for salad!), any soy products, anything that has high fructose corn syrup (which is A. LOT. of things), no soda, no alcohol, no sugar (I can use stevia in replace of sugar), etc.

I think that pretty much covers the essentials. I also have a protein shake that I drink 2-3 times a day. At first I thought the no soda/no dairy was going to be the hardest for me (I'm a BIG milk drinker) but it really hasn't phased me yet...could be because I've only finished day 1! ha!

This detox lasts 10 days--in fact, Caela finished hers a couple weeks ago and lost 10 pounds in those 10 days--however, I'm not doing this detox just to lose will also help with the beginnings of eating healthier on a regular basis. Actually, I have found that the past few weeks when I really started getting good about what I was eating, there hasn't been too much that I've eaten that wouldn't have fit into this detox. Obviously the dairy and soda are big ones--but other than that, I've been eating a lot of chicken and fish, salads, lots of fruits/veggies, etc. I've also had the occasional glass of wine though (big no no for the detox!) and I've had the option of going out somewhere to eat--that option is pretty much taken away right now--but that's ok.

Anyways, I will track my progress here each day and let you guys know how I'm doing! (And by 'you guys', I mean the 2 people that probably still read this! ha!) As for today, I'm feeling pretty great! I definitely have noticed tonight that I'm a little more hungry than I usually am--but that could be because I didn't go to work out until 7:30 tonight and working out always makes me hungry! Here's a rundown of what my day was like:

breakfast: 3/4ths a cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup blueberries (I used rice milk to mix in with the oatmeal--rice milk, almond milk, etc. is allowed)...I also had a protein shake
lunch: 4 oz. chicken, 1 cup of rice, and 1/2 cup of carrots along with a glass of water
dinner: a big bowl of fruit! watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries
workout: I ended up doing a smaller workout today since I went so late (my own fault!) I did 15-minutes on the treadmill, 25-minutes on the elliptical, about 35 minutes on the weight machines, and 100 crunches (way less than normal!)
snack: when I got home, I made my second protein shake of the day

So that's my first day! Hopefully tomorrow will go as well as today!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tWINs game & Padre Ramblings

First, I have a quick story about the tWINs game friend Nick had tickets to tonights game and asked if I wanted to go. (Is the answer to that EVER no?! haha) He had great seats--14 rows up straight from the tWINs bullpen! sweet life! Anywho, there was a cotton candy vender in our section that night that made me laugh constantly...every time someone would ask for a cotton candy, if he gave them a pink one, he would toss it and yell "It's a girl!" and if he gave them a blue one, he would yell "It's a boy!" Probably not as funny just hearing it from me...but actually being there and seeing it was hilarious!

Onto Padre Ramblings...this one's a doozy...

So, padre knows I am at the tWINs game, right? Top of the 9th, Joe Nathan has one more out to get before the game is over...BEFORE he gets that last out, the following conversation ensues via text message...

padre: twins win twins win twins win....
me: the games not over buddy...
padre: yeah I just watched it
(in the interim, Nathan DOES indeed get the final out)
me: NOW the twins win
padre: you must have had the time delay
me: I'm AT the game!
padre: i know...
me: i couldn't have a time delay
padre: must have since i knew they won before you did...unless i'm really a psychic (although he spelled that "pshic"...i'm assuming he meant psychic, although one never knows with him)
me: whatever old man