Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Padre Ramblings

Padre is reading the newspaper...

Padre: Oh..it looks like Adam Weber is going to go to Florida...
Me: That's cool
Padre: Well I thought you'd care since you graduated with him
Me: I didn't graduate with him...
Padre: Yeah, isn't that the one you know?
Me: No, I know his brother
Padre: No, you graduated with Adam...
Me: No, I graduated with Dan...
Padre: Well what's his brothers name?
Me: ...Dan...
Padre: One of you graduated with Adam..
Me: Nope, none of us did
Padre: Well who graduated with Adam then?
Me: I don't know..about 500 other people?
--thinks for a couple minutes--
Padre: Do you think you're funny?

I will be back with an abundance of Padre Ramblings to catch you up on! I have been posting most of them on facebook so if you really want to be entertained, start looking for them there :)