Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's all over?! Who would have thought it would have been that easy?! I'm not saying the temptations didn't get stronger as the days dwindled down but it honestly was really easy for me...I didn't have a serious temptation until, what, day 8? And even then, I didn't even consider cheating.

It feels good to have accomplished something like this. It makes me realize that I can stay healthy on a daily basis even after adding in the stuff I couldn't have. The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of healthy things on the 'no' list for the detox--for instance, egg whites are a great breakfast, whole wheat toast with peanut butter is an excellent breakfast, yogurt is a great snack, cottage cheese or string cheese are great snacks, and pork/beef are actually good for you in small amounts every week--but the purpose of the detox is to cleanse and create a base--and I think it did that very well!

I also think I pinpointed the reason why my weight loss tapered off (I lost .5 lbs yesterday)...I was looking through my notebook where I count my calories/exercise and I definitely did not do as well eating later in the week as I did earlier. Not that I ate worse but, ironically enough, I don't think I ate enough. Everyone knows that when you don't eat enough, instead of losing weight, your body goes into starvation mode and starts storing what you do eat--and I think I just wasn't eating enough in comparison to how much I was working out--and that caused my body to store those calories instead of burn them off. Luckily, I didn't gain weight any day--there were just some days that I didn't lose weight.

And that, of course, means I didn't make my goal of losing 10 lbs in 10 days! Boo! But, honestly, that's okay...because after yesterday, I'm at 6.5 lbs loss and I know I didn't gain anything even if I didn't lose anything today (I weigh myself each morning so I won't know til then!)...I still think 6.5 lbs in 10 days is great progress! That makes 17.5 lbs total! And that is something I am very proud of!

Like I said yesterday, tomorrow is cheat day! But in all honestly, I don't think I'll do anything too horrible! For heavens sake, I want Subway...I'm allowing myself anything and I'm picking Subway! haha But I'm not going to count calories (I am going to work out though--that's one habit that I actually don't like to break! who knew?) But I will be back to it on Friday...I'd like to be at a 25 lb. weight loss by the end of the month...that means, depending on my results in the morning, give or take about 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks--that should be nothing after this! haha

I will keep you posted tomorrow on what my final weight loss was and I will periodically post an update on my weight loss from here on out (probably at big numbers, 20, get the idea!) Anyway, today looked a little something like this:

breakfast: apple crisps
lunch: protein shake, 1/2 chicken with rice and mixed veggies
workout: 30 minute elliptical, 100 crunches, 35-minute weights
dinner: turkey burger, strawberries, blueberries

Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 3: down 1 lb.
Day 4: down .5 lbs.
Day 5: down 0 lbs.
Day 6: down 1.5 lbs.
Day 7: down .5 lbs.
Day 8: down 0 lbs.
Day 9: down .5 lbs.
Total: down 6.5 lbs.

Check back tomorrow for the total!

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