Friday, April 23, 2010

the one where I sound like a nerd and give you permission to laugh at me :)

Ok so. This will probably sound crazy...and it's totally understandable...because, honestly..most people won't completely get my excitement.

I don't even know that I'll accurately be able to describe it without sounding giddy or ridiculous or dorky or (enter adjective). Ever since I started posting on craigslist and especially since I made my facebook page, I just have been sooooo excited with all the interest in my photography! I literally smile every time someone asks me to do their pictures or leaves a comment on my page or e-mails me to do their family/children's pictures. Kid in a candy store? Doesn't even compare to how I'm feeling.

It makes me so happy to know that people actually like my work. I definitely feel like I'm improving but I also feel like, no matter how much I improve, I'm never going to think I deserve success. It's something I KNOW I have to work on...but it's really hard for me. I mean, why would people want me to do their pictures if they didn't think I did a good job? I really have to get over that absence of self confidence. Because the truth one is going to believe that I can do a good job unless I believe that myself.

And lately, I've been researching and practicing practicing practicing...I have been working so hard to improve. I guess it's just really exciting when your hard work pays off. Even if it's just something small like photoshoots for 80%

That probably doesn't even express the feeling I have...I'm not sure that I could actually fully explain it. But it's there. And it feels oh so good!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Less Words Wednesday

a new post so Stefanie doesn't get mad at me :)

What can I say? I'm in a blogging rut. Not much to update lately!

The only new thing I can think of is that, after LOTS of thoughts/weighing the pros & cons, and talking to people who have done this in the past, I decided to dive right in and post an ad on Craigslist to get more people to photograph. It's not that I don't have people to take pictures fact, I have a lot more than most people who are portfolio building (thanks to my friends/family...particular shout out to Stefanie who has talked me up--probably too much--and had several of her friends contact me!)...but it will be nice to have some new faces, if only so that the faces I do have do not get so sick of me that they refuse to be photographed in the future! Yes, Anne...I'm talking about you! That poor girl is so good to me when I want to try out something new or just get some new photos to play around with!

Plus, it will be good for me to photograph some strangers--that's something I'm eventually going to have to do if I want this to be my profession so I better get used to it now! Who knows if I will get any responses...but I'm cautiously optimistic!

I'll leave you with a few random pics :)