Monday, June 8, 2009

Detox-Day 1 was Day 1 of my detox. "What? Detox?" Yeah, I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned anything on here about fact, I haven't really mentioned much of anything on here lately--I've been a bad blogger! But, I plan on tracking my progress with this detox so I'm here to summarize my first day :)

First though, I will explain this detox--but only in a nutshell or else it would take too long. So, basically, I can have all fruits (except oranges), all vegetables (except corn), all nuts (except peanuts or peanut butter), chicken, fish, whole grains, oats, rice, all spices, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.

I cannot have oranges & corn (obviously), beef, pork (basically any meat other than chicken and fish), no dairy whatsoever (that means no milk, no cheese, no yogurt), no eggs, no condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc....that also means no salad dressing for salad!), any soy products, anything that has high fructose corn syrup (which is A. LOT. of things), no soda, no alcohol, no sugar (I can use stevia in replace of sugar), etc.

I think that pretty much covers the essentials. I also have a protein shake that I drink 2-3 times a day. At first I thought the no soda/no dairy was going to be the hardest for me (I'm a BIG milk drinker) but it really hasn't phased me yet...could be because I've only finished day 1! ha!

This detox lasts 10 days--in fact, Caela finished hers a couple weeks ago and lost 10 pounds in those 10 days--however, I'm not doing this detox just to lose will also help with the beginnings of eating healthier on a regular basis. Actually, I have found that the past few weeks when I really started getting good about what I was eating, there hasn't been too much that I've eaten that wouldn't have fit into this detox. Obviously the dairy and soda are big ones--but other than that, I've been eating a lot of chicken and fish, salads, lots of fruits/veggies, etc. I've also had the occasional glass of wine though (big no no for the detox!) and I've had the option of going out somewhere to eat--that option is pretty much taken away right now--but that's ok.

Anyways, I will track my progress here each day and let you guys know how I'm doing! (And by 'you guys', I mean the 2 people that probably still read this! ha!) As for today, I'm feeling pretty great! I definitely have noticed tonight that I'm a little more hungry than I usually am--but that could be because I didn't go to work out until 7:30 tonight and working out always makes me hungry! Here's a rundown of what my day was like:

breakfast: 3/4ths a cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup blueberries (I used rice milk to mix in with the oatmeal--rice milk, almond milk, etc. is allowed)...I also had a protein shake
lunch: 4 oz. chicken, 1 cup of rice, and 1/2 cup of carrots along with a glass of water
dinner: a big bowl of fruit! watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries
workout: I ended up doing a smaller workout today since I went so late (my own fault!) I did 15-minutes on the treadmill, 25-minutes on the elliptical, about 35 minutes on the weight machines, and 100 crunches (way less than normal!)
snack: when I got home, I made my second protein shake of the day

So that's my first day! Hopefully tomorrow will go as well as today!

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caela said...

you can have turkey too!!! Good job vinny!!!!