Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tWINs game & Padre Ramblings

First, I have a quick story about the tWINs game tonight..my friend Nick had tickets to tonights game and asked if I wanted to go. (Is the answer to that EVER no?! haha) He had great seats--14 rows up straight from the tWINs bullpen! sweet life! Anywho, there was a cotton candy vender in our section that night that made me laugh constantly...every time someone would ask for a cotton candy, if he gave them a pink one, he would toss it and yell "It's a girl!" and if he gave them a blue one, he would yell "It's a boy!" Probably not as funny just hearing it from me...but actually being there and seeing it was hilarious!

Onto Padre Ramblings...this one's a doozy...

So, padre knows I am at the tWINs game, right? Top of the 9th, Joe Nathan has one more out to get before the game is over...BEFORE he gets that last out, the following conversation ensues via text message...

padre: twins win twins win twins win....
me: the games not over buddy...
padre: yeah I just watched it
(in the interim, Nathan DOES indeed get the final out)
me: NOW the twins win
padre: you must have had the time delay
me: I'm AT the game!
padre: i know...
me: ...so i couldn't have a time delay
padre: must have since i knew they won before you did...unless i'm really a psychic (although he spelled that "pshic"...i'm assuming he meant psychic, although one never knows with him)
me: whatever old man

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