Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Detox-Day 3

Best day yet I think...I balanced my meals better and snuck in a quick workout before heading over to Stefs. Still not really craving anything--I was going to say that I was getting a little sick of fruit and cut down on that today but as I'm looking at what I ate, if I said that, it would be a lie! ha! But, on that same note, after looking at what I ate, I need to add in some more veggies tomorrow and the rest of the detox...

This'll be a quick post (not only because it's late--have I mentioned how much I looove (sarcasm folks) tWINs road trips on the west coast?!--but because I don't really have much to went really well, that's about it!

Here's how my day went...
breakfast: banana (I was running late and had to find something to scarf down fast on the way to work...oops!)
lunch: protein shake, chicken, blueberries
workout: 25 minute elliptical (that's ALL! bad melanie!)
dinner: 1 large potato, a can of tuna, and a small amount of watermelon/canteloupe
snack: if you can really count this as a snack (it has 0 calories) but I froze some flavored mineral water and "ate" it as a slushy, haha...I meant to bring my protein mix with for my after dinner snack but I left it at home and didn't want to make the trek back to get it

Round-up so far:
Day 1: down 1 lb.
Day 2: down 1.5 lbs!
Total: down 2.5 lbs

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