Tuesday, December 30, 2008


NeW yEaRs ReSoLuTiOnS!

1. Find a Bible that will encourage and motivate me to read and learn more about God and myself.

2. Read said Bible on a regular basis

3. Find a long-term career that I enjoy and that makes me a better person.

4. Pay off my credit cards.

5. Continue to find budget-cutting ideas.

6. Stick to my budget and hopefully come in under budget in as many areas as I can as often as possible.

7. Realize that I can't do everything! (this may be the hardest...)

8. Lose a certain amount of weight. (I know the number in my head but I'm too embarrassed to say it here!)

9. Eat healthier.

10. Exercise more.

11. Pay off my new car.

12. Trust that God will reveal His plans for me in terms of a job, an apartment, and a car.

13. Fully and completely trust in God and His plans for me whether I understand them or not.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

"If you get 80% out of what you're hoping for,
that's pretty good."


Leslie said...

hi! definately on the blogvite (idk if thats a real blog word lol) i just need your email address to invite u, i have 2 blogs now so I'll invite u for both...have a safe and happy new years!

colesGodmommy said...

hey :) my email is: motwins18@gmail.com Thanks and I hope you had a great new years!

Leslie said...

hope I did it right! if you can't access them lemme know!