Saturday, January 3, 2009

could be luck

So...I feel a little trivial asking for prayers on such an insignificant thing. On the other hand, if this actually works out, it could be really beneficial and help me in numerous ways. As you know, I got into a car accident the day before Christmas car cost in between $3-4,000 to fix--i.e. more than it's actually worth. Therefore, I decided it would be better to just get a new car since it was going to be so expensive to fix anyways. Thanks to an anonymous, very generous person, I didn't have to take out a loan to get a new car. This person--let's call them Pierre-Marc Bouchard (what? I'm watching the Wild and I couldn't come up with anything better!) offered to loan me some money to pay for a car, interest free.

Now comes the trivial prayer part. I went car shopping with my dad today--he had found a Cougar (which, by the way, I was
in love with in high school!) that was a pretty good deal. It was all the way out in Cambridge (which is part of the reason why it was so cheap). Anyways, we went and looked at it today and I fell in love with it. Dad told me not to get attached but what can I's just so pretty! Anyways, the car was listed at $1995--they sold it to me for $1800. So, after taxes and title, I paid $1900 for it. Not too shabby. I bought it--contingent upon it "passing" a check with dad's mechanic. Provided nothing too drastic (within a few hundred dollars) needs to be fixed, we'll keep the car. If it needs a ton of work and I'll have to put another thousand into it, we give it back. :( We don't want that! We want to keep this car! haha It does need a new windshield--it has a crack in it right now. It's a pretty big crack in that it kind of is in a 'U' shape but it's on the passenger side so it's not something that NEEDS to be fixed before I can drive it. (side note: numerous people have told me to just wait until I get my insurance figured out and see if I have windshield coverage and then just to tell them that a rock popped up so I don't have to pay for it--but is it really ok to ask God to let me have this car and then say I'm going to "cheat" the insurance company in the same sentence??) But even if I paid for that, it's in between $1-200...which isn't too bad either.

SO (by this point I'm sure you're asking yourself, ' what exactly do you want me to pray for Mel?') has some troubles starting up. Apparantly someone test drove it before us and it worked just fine. Go figure. The car wouldn't start when we went to start it up--they jumped it and thought it might be the battery. So they put in a brand new battery (bonus, right?) but it still had troubles starting. I have to push the gas down for it to start and then rev the engine for a little while. Sometimes it's good to go after that. But sometimes it still stalls--when this happens, if I just try to start it like normal, then it will start. And once it's started, it works just fine. BUT that whole "doesn't start properly" issue has me a little worried. It could be any number of things--from something small like a valve loose to something big like possible engine work (although no one seems to think this is the issue--I just always assume the worst!) So, after this great big novel, what I'm asking is that you all pray that Tom finds nothing else wrong with this car--that this issue of it not starting is something that's small, fixable, and
relatively cheap.

I really really really love this car--like
seriously fell in love with it (Anne was laughing at me because I kept staring at it). It was such a great deal and I think I would be hard-pressed to find another deal like this one. Not to mention the fact that I would only need to borrow about $500 from Pierre-Marc Bouchard. (I can pay for this car all by myself--however, it would leave my checking, savings, and investment accounts completely dry and I still do have bills to pay--stupid student loans!) So provided I find a job within the next few weeks, I could pay back that $500 really fast!

Anyways, any conversations with the big guy would be really helpful and I would really appreciate it--although I do know that there are
many more important things to talk to Him about. Thanks!

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Leslie said...

Yea for finding a car that u love! I hope everything works out with the car, will include it in my prayers. Nothing is too trivial to ask God about imo.