Sunday, July 5, 2009

15 week challenge-week ONE!

This was the first week of Amy's 15 week challenge! I'm only down 1/2 pound but I'm definitely seeing improvement so I feel good!

The challenge this week was to create a healthy version of a meal you love! So I took the all-American "hamburger and fries" and healthified it! (yes, I made that word up!) haha

Instead of the hamburger, I made a healthy lean turkey burger and wrapped it in lettuce instead of using a bun. Also, instead of ketchup AND mustard, I just used mustard (no calories!). Then instead of french fries, I cut up a russet potato, shook the pieces in a bag of olive oil (1 tsp does the trick) and then baked them in the oven for my own version of french fries! And, to be honest, they taste just as good...if not better!

Workout Wednesday was hard but definitely a good workout!

Sorry no pictures :( Having a broken camera will do that to ya! haha

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