Friday, May 29, 2009

funny story from tonight

So, a bunch of us went out for Caela's birthday tonight--a bunch of our friends and tons of Nic's family! While we were sitting at the Blue Fox, the following conversation went down and I just had to share it:

Caela: Josh, are you excited to walk down the aisle with Melanie?!
(brief interruption: I am Caela's maid of honor, Josh is Nic's brother and he's the best man--Josh also happens to be like a big, tall dude--think 6'5 maybe??--and I, of course, am barely 5'2...just so you can picture this)
Josh: Yeah! It's gonna be like the circus
Caela: The circus???
Josh: Yeah..."now introducing....The Giant and The Midget!"

The sad/funny thing will ACTUALLY look like that!

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The Straka's said...

FREAK show!! Just kidding!! That's hilarious!!