Monday, March 30, 2009

funny Cole story

So, this actually happened a few days ago but it's absolutely hilarious. Remember my post awhile ago about how Cole calls me "dodo"? Well...he upped the ante a little bit...

The other day, I was playing with Cole and asked him to say auntie (yes, I still try to get the real word out!) and he looked at me and said what sounded incredibly close to auntie..Stef was in the dining room and she heard it too. So we, of course, clapped, said "yay!"...ya know, all the normal stuff.

Not the funny part yet. So obviously I get pretty excited right? In all the excitement, I ask Cole to say auntie again.

Now picture this.

He looks at me. Peeks over at Stef in the dining room. Looks back at me. Leans forward a little bit and in an almost inaudible voice, whispers, "Dodo".

Does this kid seriously know how to play the game already?! I mean, he seriously checked to see if Stefanie was watching and lowered his voice to say dodo instead of auntie! Of course, I turn to Stef, ask her if she heard (she didn't) and then relay the story to her and we both laugh about it. Can you believe it??

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