Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

So, first things first. I love the Ash Wednesday service. Outside of the Christmas Eve candlelit service, the Wednesday night Lent services are my favorite. And Ash Wednesday is the start of everything--and Pastor Hayes never disappoints with his sermons (like, ever, even on an average Sunday).

Tonight he started out talking about mirrors. His sermon tonight just fit. In terms of what I've been thinking and feeling lately, it just fit like a perfect glove. Back to the mirrors. Basically, what he said was mirrors have two sides to them. They have a positive effect on us because they allow us to make sure we won't go out in public and embarrass ourselves. We can check how we look, our make-up, to make sure we don't have anything in our teeth, etc. But it's not always the greatest invention in the world. Sometimes we look in the mirror and we see all the things that we think are wrong about us. We see all those extra pounds and feel like we need to diet. We see that we don't look as great in our favorite outfit as we thought we did. You get the idea. Then he said what we really need to be doing is looking into that mirror and asking if the person we are seeing is the person that God intended us to be. Are we fulfilling the potential He placed in us?

Lastly, he finished by reminding us that mirrors don't see everything. While they show us exactly what is in front of us and what we are now. They don't us show us who we will be, who we should be, and who we can be. It was a great lesson and really made me think about my past few posts. I was never really one for the whole "God-winks". I mean, I think I they're out there and I fully believe that other people have seen/felt them. But I just really hadn't felt them for myself. But I really think that there's a reason why I've been feeling like this lately. And there's a reason why God chose to speak through Pastor Hayes tonight--and have me really feel it.

Prayer changes those who pray.

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