Saturday, January 17, 2009

quick prayer request

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner (a blog I frequent!) was induced at 40.5 weeks this morning (well, Friday morning I suppose, since this will post on Saturday morning technically). Harper Brown was born at almost 10 lbs! Unfortunately, she's having trouble breathing and could really use your prayers! She's in critical condition down at a Children's Hospital (I believe) in Arkansas...she was airlifted after birth--she's been intubated and, at first, her parents didn't receive very favorable news. Since then, baby Harper's prognosis has seemed to improve very slightly but I'm sure any prayer you could offer up, they would appreciate! Head over to Kelly's blog to get updates on this beautiful little blessing! And if you could throw in a prayer for Kelly too--she lost a lot of blood during delivery..thanks!

While you're there, you might see some postings about her friend Jenna who delivered Brayden a couple days ago--he's also in the NICU in Arkansas--his lungs stopped developing at 36 weeks...if you could pray for this family as well, I know the thoughts and prayers would be appreciated! I know it's a lot to ask but you all know that prayer can create miracles!

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