Saturday, January 17, 2009

i gave myself a new goal the spirit of losing weight, and to give myself an incredibly motivating factor, I have come up with a new goal for myself. Well, I guess not so much a goal as it is a wonderful gift to myself for losing weight =P I know, I know...there should be other motivating factors (and there are) but this one, my friends, takes the cake.

Now, a little dilemma I seem to have (and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this) is that I always tend to buy cheap jeans. Not super cheap but cheap enough that after awhile, holes seem to pop up in certain, unmentionable places. I've known for a long time that I just need to bite the bullet and buy some really nice (and, unfortunately, expensive) jeans. I bought a pair of silvers in high school that are fantastic and, had I not broke the zipper off (*clarification* NOT because I was too fat but because I pulled too hard and pulled the little dangly thing off--yes, I'm that smart) I would still be wearing today. And they weren't even too expensive--maybe $50-60. And by "not too expensive", I mean in terms of jeans I own that have lasted. I tend to buy my jeans from Aeropostale--they're almost always on sale, I can get them for under $20 typically and they're super comfy. But they're sooo thin that after 9-12 months, the holes creep up.

(Ok Melanie..get to the point already!) Therefore, my "I lost all my goal weight so I get a present!" present is...dun dun dun...


Who, you say? Well, William Rast is the company that Justin Timberlake started with his friends--their jeans are super cute and super good quality---I've admired them from afar for quite some time! They're also pretty spendy. I think they're all pretty much in between $200 and $250 (the ones I want are $209--so at least they're on the cheaper side!) I know that that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on jeans--but, hey, at least I can admit it right? And, (I'm justifying for myself right now), I could go buy a pair of True Religion jeans--and those are upwards of $3-400!

Now, before you say "and where's
that money going to come from Mrs. Unemployed?" I say to you: I can't buy a pair of William Rast jeans until I can fit into a size 6--so, needless to say, I have some weight to lose. I'm imagining (even if I work super hard) it's going to take many many months--and trust me, if I'm still unemployed many many months from now, I'll be in an insane asylum because I. will. be. going. crazy. So, cross your fingers, I'll have been employed for quite some time and have built up some savings, paid off my credit cards and Pierre-Marc Bouchard, and will be able to afford my awesomely, wonderful, so-excited-for William Rast jeans!

Now if
that doesn't motivate me...I don't know what will!

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Leslie said...

Thats great motivation!