Thursday, January 15, 2009

picture BONANZA!!

*edit* If you can't see the full picture (i.e. words or what not), just click on it and it will come up bigger :)
Sooo...I haven't posted pictures in a LONG time!! (Which, by the way, is very odd for me!) Therefore, I present to you, a picture bonanza!
(fyi, when I decided to call this post 'picture bonanza', I had a million more pictures planned to upload...but unfortunately my computer is being unnecessarily slow and it's taking forever and a day to upload pictures. Must be that -22 degree weather--it's making everything slow!)
Anyways, the picture above and the picture below are two of my ABSOLUTE favorite pictures of Cole. The top picture is hilarious--the caption just came to me and it fit and made me laugh so hard. Heck, who am I kidding, it still makes me laugh when I see it. The one right below this is the polar opposite--so sweet and innocent! It's one Stef took (I prefer editing Stef's pictures--or Christie's--of Cole and Kennedy because their cameras are so much better and the photos are better quality). Anyway, Stef took this photo and I effectively stole it :) (but don't worry, she loves it when I do that!) and I just so happened to be playing around with the new picnik effect and found the clone one. Great timing--this picture is just so absolutely adorable!
This picture is one of my faves as well (get used to hearing, er, reading that--i tend to have a lot of favorites). When babies are still babies, one of my favorite things about them are their tiny baby feet--I loooove photographing baby feet! (Or in this case, editing the picture Stefanie photographed!) These are little miss Kennedy's feet and I just love them!
Another one of my favorite things (see?) is making up what Cole and Kennedy would be saying could they say things...
The second I saw these two pictures on Stef's camera, I knew that I could do something really cool and cute with them...and what do you know...well, you tell me...cute? (Cuz it's, ya of my favorites)
My newest, or should I say, most recent, fascination editing pictures is scenery pictures or any type where I can use song lyrics or quotes to get my point across...the next few fall under that category...

And sometimes, I simply just love pictures with my friends :)

Dole=Ellie's version of Cole, as I'm sure you all figured out...
And this is Cole's most recent self-portrait. The funniest thing about Cole and a camera is that, literally, the second I walk in the door and set down my purse, Cole is looking in it for my camera. How do I know he's looking for my camera? Because the second a) I give it to him or b) he finds it, he gets a huge grin on his face and doesn't bother with my purse the rest of the night. Oh yeah, and I find about 300 pictures of him (or something) on my camera at the end of the night. (and no, i'm not exaggerating when I say 300!)

Hope you enjoyed!

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The Straka's said...

My favorite will always be the one of Jack!!