Sunday, December 21, 2008

update on baby Bella

From the last information Stefanie received, Courtney's brother and sister-in-law found out the results of the EEG. Baby Bella has little to no brain activity; she has been taken off the cooling mat and her temperature has stayed at room temperature. I believe there hasn't been any improvement with the swelling in her brain but I'm not positive on that. It looks like the doctors think her chances of making it aren't great which is so incredibly sad. Scott and Courtney left for Wisconsin today so they could have the chance of meeting little Bella if God decides to call her home. They have decided to name her Isabella Noel (because she was born at Christmas) and will call her Bella--we all know God can turn things around at any second and we're all hoping and praying that he decides to do so with Bella--a true Christmas miracle! But we also know that God has plans for everything and everyone and if Bella doesn't make it, she will be in the hands of the most loving Father! (Although we would all prefer she stay here on Earth in her mother and fathers arms)

Please keep praying! And thank you if you already have!

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