Sunday, November 30, 2008

reason #2 why I hate retail/liquidation/customers/you get the idea...

So, obviously with Thanksgiving weekend, we have extended hours...therefore we were open until 10pm on Saturday. Mind you, after 6pm, we had in between 20-25 customers in our store. aka: not a lot. Basically, we had a really chill night--Cat was closing, pretty much all of the cool people were closing, the store was clean by 7ish and for the majority of the night, everyone was up at the register just hanging around and talking given the fact there was nothing to do...Cat even let me have a stool! (fyi, i was at the register for my whole shift--1-10:30--so needless to say I was incredibly bored and, given the lack of customers, really wanted to sit down!) So, anyways, pretty much a really fun night at work. Cue to the phone ringing at 9:53. The following is my conversation with a customer (the italics following what I really said is what I wanted to say):

me: Thank you for calling Linens N Things, Roseville--this is Melanie.
customer: you guys are open until 10 right?
me: yes, we are open for another 5 minutes (yeah but unless you're calling me from the parking lot, you're never going to make it here in time...)
customer: oh great, so can I give you a list of items I want for you to gather and then will you just set them aside for me to pick up tomorrow morning?
me:, we can't hold anything. (And I'm also not your personal shopper)
customer: oh, so even if it's the end of the night and I'll pick them up tomorrow morning?
me: No, we can't hold anything. At all. For any length of time. (Especially because it's the end of the night--I've been here for 10 hours but please, give me your list and let me shop for you since I clearly have nothing better to do)
customer: Seriously?
me: Seriously.
customer: oh. well. can you tell me if you have the Isabella in a Queen size?
me: I'm sorry, I don't have anyone available who can look for you right now, you'll have to call back tomorrow. (I could have Krista check for you but since it is now 9:58 and we are closing the store, why don't you just come in and look for yourself?)
customer: Oh. So when do your prices go down again?
me: we don't know until the morning of. (please hang up now ma'am)
customer: so I have to call every day to ask?
me: Or you could just come in and look around. (If you want to piss off every person who works here, then yes, you "have" to call every day and ask)
customer: Well I don't want to come into the store if the prices haven't gone down.
me: Well I don't know what else to tell you ma'am, we don't know what day they are going down next. (Well I don't want to lose my job...sometimes shit happens)
customer: And you really won't take my list and put things aside for me for tomorrow?
me: I really won't.
customer: ok....well thanks i guess.

Seriously? Is it really that hard to come in and shop for your own stuff? Did you actually think that you could give me a list of things you want over the phone and I would shop for you?? Seriously?? Because, if so, well...I'm sorry....but you really are stupid. Especially the weekend of Thanksgiving--really?!

Just so you know--in case you think I sounded mean or anything--all of my coworkers and Cat were standing there listening to my side of the conversation and switching between laughing and shaking their heads in awe. Some people. Right?

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The Straka's said...

you shop for me all the time!!!...and make my hair appointments!!