Monday, October 27, 2008

Rochester bound!

So this weekend Rachel and I roadtripped down to Rochester to visit Al! It was a much needed and fun reunion with my girls! Rae and I drove down on Friday after work--we went out to a comedy club which was absolutely hilarious! Then we hit up a few bars and had a pretty great night! The next day, we all woke up and cuddled in bed (ok it's not as weird as it sounds! on our last night in college freshman year, the three of us plus our friend Lindsey, all had a sleepover because we were so sad to leave each other for the summer--it's kind of a thing we do haha) anyways, after that, we went to lunch and then Al drove us around Rochester and showed us some of the cool houses and places--we went up to this mansion called the Plummer mansion which was HUGE--this first picture above here is the backyard of the house...imagine playing in that every day! We also drove by the old Mayo brothers house which was even bigger! (just no backyard there)'s some pictures...i'm too tired to put them all in order so you'll just have to enjoy them as they are--out of order!

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