Thursday, November 12, 2009


How many of you have heard of Compassion? It's a Christian organization that is spreading God's word and helping many, many children in third world countries. I followed along Angie's journey when she went on a compassion trip and I am now following along Kelly as she journeys to El Salvador with Compassion.

Kelly's words have really been sticking in my head these past few days (she and her husband have been there for 3 days so far). Her recap from Wednesday really got to me though. I just cannot stop thinking about all the children she's put pictures up of--especially those young girls (some just a few years older than Briana!) that shouldn't have a worry in the world but are instead about to give birth or have already given birth and are learning how to raise their child/ren.

How is that possible?

12 year olds having babies (the majority of whom were raped). Children living in the conditions that they live in. Many have no running water (one family has to hike up a dangerous road 3 times a day in order to get water--which is unclean anyways). That same family lives just steps away from the gangleader in that community. They have no toys, no television, no internet. But more than that, they have no cleaning supplies--no toothpaste, no toothbrushes, no soap.

So imagine my disgust today when I realized the things I have been worrying about lately.

My hair looks bad today. I missed my favorite TV show?! My face looks too red in that picture. Do these jeans make me look fat? I can't decide what to eat for dinner. I don't want to clean. Facebook won't let me sign on!

They sound so petty don't they? So inconsequential. So irrelevant. None of those things matter. When I read about the conditions these children from El Salvador are in, I literally cringe at what I consider 'catastrophe' in my life.

I have experienced hardships in my life. I have experienced a lot of things that people my age haven't. But in comparison to these children, I couldn't possibly have a better life. Even in the hard times, I've always had a roof over my head. I've always had running water. I've always had enough to eat. I've never had to worry about living next to dangerous criminals. I've never lived in circumstances like that.

And I'm lucky. We are so spoiled here in America...I don't know if I could survive like those kids. Reading through both Angie and Kelly's stories...actually seeing pictures of those changes your life. I'm not kidding you.

If you go to either Angie or Kelly's blogs (or the Compassion International website) and feel compelled to make a difference, you can sponsor a Compassion child! It's $38 a month to give a child a future. Think about it! Even though I don't have much, I know I'm blessed and have more than any of these kids ever dream of...because of that, I will be sponsoring a child through Compassion soon. I hope you all consider doing the same!

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