Monday, October 19, 2009

conversations with cole

me: where did baby Cole go?!
Cole: I eat him

me: Cole, I love you
Cole: ok, I need my trains

*after we finished reading Where the Wild Things Are*
me: ok, you wanna go grab a different book?
Cole: no, this book!
me: we just finished that book silly! Go grab another one from your room!
Cole: (as he's giving me the puppy dog eyes) Auntie do it!
me: you want ME to go get a new book?!
Cole: ok!

*Cole comes in from outside*
cole: auntie?
me: yes cole?
cole: outside?
me: you want me to come play outside?
cole: ok
(p.s. one of my favorite things about cole is that he'll tell you exactly what he wants but if you ask him back in question form, i.e. "you want me to come play outside?", he answers "ok" as though you were the one who suggested it!)

*after playing outside for awhile...*
Stef: ok Cole, we have to go inside now to make dinner
Cole: I play outside
Stef: well, if auntie will stay with you, then you can stay out here
Cole: auntie outside?
me: sure, we can stay outside
**Stefanie goes inside**
Cole (as soon as Stefanie shuts the door, he pushes me and says): Auntie, inside.
me: You want me to go inside?
Cole: ok
me: well, are you going inside?
Cole: No. Cole play outside.
me: well, you can't stay out here by yourself...
Cole: Auntie! Inside!
me: I can't go inside unless you go inside! Do you want to stay outside?
Cole: mmhmm
me: ok, then auntie has to stay outside too
Cole: ok...
(also funny: as I was relaying this conversation to Stef, she goes "oh yeah, that's his new favorite thing. He thinks he can play outside by himself." haha when did he get so old?!)

me: Bye Cole, auntie has to go buh-bye
Cole: see you soon (might be my favorite new phrase!)
me: Love you
Cole: say hi to papa (might be my second favorite new phrase)

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The Straka's said...

He is a little man now!!! ::tear::