Saturday, April 18, 2009

deal of the week

While Anne and I were out shopping today (I needed some plain new tops for work--apparantly old RPR t-shirts and WSU sweatshirts don't scream 'professional'! haha), we drove past the Roseville library. Now, I knew that the library was going to be closing for a year for remodeling but I was under the impression that they were relocating all of their books to other libraries.

Apparantly I was wrong!

There was a big "Book Sale" sign out front so we decided to stop in...maybe find a couple good books for cheap. Boy, are we glad we stopped! All of their paperback books were $.50, their hardcovers were $1 and all of their movies were $1! Granted, all the movies that were left were VHS but that's ok...even if you only watch the movie once, you're getting your money's worth (considering it costs $3-4 to rent one these days)!!

Anyways, I ended up getting 4 movies and 7 or 8 books and I spent $9! Can't beat that huh??

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