Monday, March 2, 2009

weight check!

*Edit* Rae is doing the same thing as me (not that SHE needs to lose ANY weight!) But she gave me a few websites to look at and also sent me a copy of the chart she uses to keep track of her calories/exercise. It all looks super simple so I think I'm gonna try using her system and see how that goes! Because of the way her chart is set up, I'll probably be making my "weight check" posts on Sundays--I don't want to change around the way she has it set up since it seems to work for her! So anyways, expect my posts on Sundays instead of Mondays! Also, I'm going to try to not get disappointed if I don't see any weight loss this first week since I'm starting in the middle of the week...still, wish me luck!

I am officially signing up for a gym membership tomorrow.

I had initially said that I wanted to get a job first but then I realized that if I have all this extra time right now, I might as well make use of it right? Plus , at Snap Fitness, with insurance it only costs $15/month. Also, you can put a "hold" on your membership for 3 months per year. So, if--knock on wood--I'm still unemployed in a couple months and find that I can't afford it, I can stop my membership for up to 3 months.

So, in the spirit of getting healthy and holding myself accountable, I'm going to post an update every Monday with how the week went and how much weight I've lost. *Note* I will NOT be saying what my current weight is (I still have that embarrassment issue going on) but I will post how much I've lost.

So...if you haven't heard from me by Tuesday mornings, harass me and make sure I own up to the week! I think the knowledge that I have to post how much I've lost will encourage me to keep it up (especially because I don't want to GAIN!)

One last friends and I are having a "college reunion" weekend at the beginning of it too ambitious to hope to have lost 15 pounds by then?! Here's to hoping err hard work!


Leslie said...

woohoo for starting to go to the gym!!! Its good to have a partner 2. idk if they have classes where u r at but I love spin classes! They are great cardio! GOOD LUCK!

Rachel A.S. Reese said...

Way to go Mel! I love you so much! And the excel spreadsheet just shows how much of a nazi I am for numbers....and not the weight I have lost. Since I have only gained.
We can do this together! Let's check in with eachother EVERY DAY!


Leslie said...

I'm glad you acknowledge that it might take a while not to get discouraged, that along with eating proper portions is one of my biggest problems. It took me 7 months to lose 6 pounds n I was/am busting my ass at the gym. I am FINALLY seeing results in the way my body actually looks. SO the whole point of this isn't to discourage you but to say hang in there and I hope you lose weight faster than me!

colesGodmommy said...

Thanks guys!

Rae-you crack me up...i think your chart is an excellent idea and even though i've only used it for two days now, it really is helping! we are going to push each other big time!

leslie-i have the same issue as you! i'm trying to measure out everything and just eat serving sizes--before, i never measured anything and i think that's where it all started! also, i've "dieted" in the past and tried to lose weight and i would ALWAYS get discouraged after a couple weeks or a month because i wouldn't see a difference...but this time, i am just mentally telling myself i won't see a difference for awhile so i'm prepared! plus if i have motivators, that helps!