Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smile Cole!

I apologize in advance if youre sick of my Cole posts---but this is a great one! So I went over to Stefs after work today and Cole was absolutely hilarious as usual. I took out my camera (of course) and started asking Cole to smile--now usually he just ignores me...or kind of looks at my camera and stares. Instead, when I asked him to smile I got a plethora of open mouthed all the pictures of Cole's teeth-filled mouth wide open are after I asked him for a smile!

SMILE ONE! (my personal favorite)
let's take a break--ooh, auntie...if i start digging in your purse, are you gonna notice?!
what's in there?!
mommy trying to get me to smile--i just wanted to suck my thumb!

i'm tired!
start of smile four...
sideview of cole's new adorable smile!


Stefanie, Greg, Cole, and Jack said...

LOVE the pictures!!! i need to copy them!!!

Stefanie, Greg, Cole, and Jack said...

by the way...thanks for the HORRIBLE pictures of me!!