Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dumpster diving

So on Monday afternoon/night after work, I went over to moms to see the kids and have dinner with them and mom and also just so happened to be the week that we had a big huge dumpster in our driveway! Mom and Kerry (i.e. mostly mom) is cleaning house to declutter and in case they decide to sell. Plus they're getting new carpet next week so this way there's less to move--plus it made Christie, Stef, and me get anything we had left over there out of the house!

I got off work early--I usually get off around 330 on Mondays but I was done at 130 so I went over early-Briana was at nature camp and mom was sleeping so Seth and I took the afternoon to have some sibling bonding time...we had a blast! I gave Seth the option of going mini-golfing or walking around Langton and showing me the geocaches--he picked the latter, surprising i know! Since when does that kid turn down mini golfing?? I guess it's just not as cool now that he knows how to golf for real! Anyways, the following are pictures of Seth and my walk and some dumpster diving pics! Enjoy!

clicking his heels...
i love this one...seth thought it was cool because we both had our sunglasses on...i dunno haha
and also, ginormous leaf!
officially dumpster diving...i felt so white trash...

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Stefanie, Greg, Cole, and Jack said...

you ARE so white trash! ;) love ya!!!