Monday, May 19, 2008

bobby korecky made my night updates right? Mostly I don't post updates at the moment because it makes me depressed to repeatedly write "No news on the job front yet...." So I just kind of have been avoiding writing soon as I think SOMETHING might work out, it just doesn't so it's easier to not say anything to anyone than to field questions about this and that.

Luckily for me, I'll be living with one of my best friends shortly (come on job!) and we both have such great senses of humor (modest I know) that we can joke about our situations at the moment...this is a convo I had with Gina earlier tonight:

lemonielynn: today, i sat in rugs for 45 minutes and searched the internet on my phone
The0riginal11: hahaha
lemonielynn: seriously
lemonielynn: didn't move a muscle for 45 minutes
lemonielynn: this was right after my half hour break that was really about 45 minutes
The0riginal11: haha...nice work
The0riginal11: i reorganized the cigarettes
lemonielynn: lol
The0riginal11: that's how bored i was
lemonielynn: i reorganized toilet seats the other day....i was THISCLOSE to texting you and saying "look what a (almost) college degree can get you"
The0riginal11: hey, i have my degree...i was playing with cigarettes all day

I hope you're laughing...

And lastly, the tWINs game just got over and they pulled it off! We may have used every single one of our bench players and all but one of our pitchers (who, just so happened, to be in the on deck circle when the game winning hit took place) but we managed a win in the 12th inning! Kudos to Howie Clark (who? you ask....yeah, just called up from the minors for the ridiculously pathetic Punto and also to help out in the ridiculously handsome Tolbert's place while he's out)...anyway, Clark got the game-winning hit so that was awesome. But can you hold it against me if I wish Korecky had scored the game winner? Come on, think about AMERICAN LEAGUE pitcher (who has been in the majors for about a second this season) has to bat in extra innings because we have no other pinch hitters....on the FIRST pitch, he rifles a hit to right field...that screams amazing! Eh, oh least we got the W right?!

Now if we can only get Tolbert back.... ;)

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