Sunday, March 23, 2008

My first entry!

I was finally convinced by my lovely sister Stefanie to start a blog for myself. She of course was convinced too, so we're all jumping on the bandwagon!!! I had one before, but I never posted anything. Interesting fact, I know! I've been spending the day seeing family and being chauffeured around by my favorite sister and brother and nephew (of course, Stefanie, Greg, and Cole). Just for kicks, Jack joined in. I get to spend the whole day tomorrow with my godson (well, with the exception of my interview!) so Stefanie can get the house ready for Gregs cousins who are staying with them for a week! Yes, I have TWO interviews this week. One is at Linens 'N Things and another at a nannying agency. I hope I get them both....I'll keep you updated!!! Ciao for now!!!

*edit* Stefanie wrote that blog...but shh! I promise I'll write something soon...

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