Monday, March 24, 2008

Coming soon...

Sooo...I could tell everyone how my interview went today. But instead I'm just going to wait until after my second interview and tell everyone tomorrow...that way if it doesn't go well, I'll at least have some positive news to go with the negative. Oops. Well I guess there's a little preview for you!

--For now, here's some pictures from today!

Snack time!

Now all Cole needs is his handy dandy notebook!

Excuse the nakedness, but I just had to show you how hard Cole makes bath time now!

Lastly, this one isn't from today but it just cracks me up...shows how much he loves his Blues Clues!

1 comment:

Stefanie, Greg, Cole, and Jack said...

Those are some seriously cute pictures of that one HANDSOME baby!!!