Thursday, October 29, 2009

Padre Ramblings

**phone rings**
me: hi dad
padre: hi kiddo, it's your dad
me: i know...
padre: are you at home?
me: no, why?
padre: I need you to open the garage door
me: oh..
padre: can you be home in 2 minutes?
me: not exactly..
padre: why can't you be home in 2 minutes?
me: well, I can't exactly fly home... I can be home in 10 minutes though...
padre: ok...
me: don't you have your key?
padre: yeah...
me: well, why can't you just go in the front door then?!
padre: well because...I was going to have you open the garage door..
me: was this phone call really necessary??

1 comment:

Rachel said...

OMG I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING! Padre ramblings are MY is what I wake up for each day! ;) (tell Padre that...I will gain 10 pts)