Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Padre Ramblings

*note* this version of Padre Ramblings occurred over the telephone

so cue to my phone ringing...

me: hey dad
padre: hey kiddo, it's your dad
me: i know...
padre: how'd you know it was me?
me: well...your number shows up when you call...
padre: it could be someone else calling from my house
*this portion of the conversation goes back and forth for quite some time so we'll jump ahead due to time constraints*
padre: well, I don't want to alarm you but...
me: yeah?
padre: I had some oral surgery today
me: ok...why would that alarm me?
padre: because I had surgery to have a tooth extracted today!
me: and why would that alarm me?
padre: (getting exasperated) because I had surgery today!
me: dad, you had a tooth pulled...it's not like you had open heart surgery

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The Straka's said...

HA!!! What a wuss!!