Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Padre Ramblings

padre: Your sister, i swear...
me: Which one?
padre: what do you mean, which one?
me: well, I have like 8...which one are you talking about?
padre: So anyways, your sister--
me: Which one?!
padre: (in exasperation) Stefanie! Anyways, your sister is not smart.
me: Why?
padre: I sent her a text saying 'Congratulations! I've got good news--I made you a house key' and she sent me a text back saying 'what?'
me: she's probably confused as to why you said congrats...
padre: No, she said something about a hose key! What is she smoking? Anyways, I sent her a text back that says 'what what?' (laughter ensues as padre thinks he's absolutely hilarious)
--pause for 3 minutes--
padre: oh.
me: what?
padre: I guess in my first message, I accidentally called it a hose key.
me: So really you're the moron, not Stef?


Christie, Jeff and Kennedy said...

just so you know, I actually LOLed at this.

The Straka's said...

that's what happens when you TRY to make a smart person LOOK stupid!! ;)