Friday, April 10, 2009

Melanie, I made a rhyme!

dad: Melanie! Tell christie to get a puck! Tell her to get a puck from Cal Clutterbuck!
--sheer amazement crosses dad's face--
dad: Hey, I rhymed! I made a rhyme! Look at that!

(dad thinks he's right about something again...)
dad: so put that in your brassiere and have a C cup!
me: dad, if i put anything in my brassiere, i would have like an F cup

Also, I told dad about the blogs about him...and after that last conversation, this is what ensued:
dad: I'm going to put that in MY blog!
me: you don't have a blog
dad: Well I'm going to make one
me: ok
--30 second pause--
dad: now, how do you make one?

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