Thursday, April 23, 2009


Quick update--just because I'm motivated and excited and felt like sharing! haha

Now that I've been really good about eating better and exercising every day, I can definitely tell a difference in myself. It's obviously not a huge difference as it's only been about a week but I can tell a small difference. I don't really think anyone will be able to tell a difference for awhile--but isn't that how it always goes? (Actually, this kind of reminds me of Stefanie--SHE can definitely tell a difference in her baby belly but to most of the outside world, she still looks like her same old, skinny self--I imagine it'll be like that for awhile at the beginning of this process.)

Anywho, I've been noticing both physical and mental changes. Physically, I notice more muscle in certain areas. For some reason, when I work out, my calves are the first place it shows up. They've always been pretty muscular (in fact, they're the one body part I actually like--and have always liked!) I can definitely see the muscle building up. It also seems that my legs in general are the area I see the most improvement--I can tell that my pants are fitting a little looser on my thighs. Waist is another story! They are all still fitting about the same on my waist--and while I can't really see a difference in my tummy and arms, I can feel a difference.

Which brings me to the change in my mentality---I think now that I've kept at it for long enough to feel a difference, it changes everything. I don't want to quit. I want to keep going because I can feel it working and if I keep going, I will see it working! And I want to see it working so bad! Also, I'm more confident in the way I carry myself--and in the clothes I wear. (they're all the same clothes...) but I just feel a little bit better in them--not because someone else can see a difference but because I feel the difference. And even if someone else can't see it, I know it's there...for some reason that's helping my confidence. I don't know why but I'm not complaining!

Even when I first got the membership, I would be good for a few days and then kind of slack off. Then I would be good for a week and then I would be lazy for a week. I just had created this habit and it was so hard to break it! But now that I've been to work out AND eating healthy for a week straight, I don't want to give up yet! I know it takes 21 days to create a habit (some say 6 weeks but I'm hoping for the 21 days!) so I want to go for at least 21 days straight...I don't want to stop after that but I feel if I can go for 21 days, then I've created a habit that I want to keep...and this one is healthier than biting my nails!

7 days down, 14 to go--and no signs of stopping yet!

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