Tuesday, April 14, 2009


If you can't tell from my new blog layout, I'm pretty pumped that baseball season is here!

Just a few notes...
  • I was a little concerned about the signing of Joe Crede. I mean he's got a decent glove and the kid can bat....when he's healthy. That, of course, being the key phrase...when he's healthy. Not to mention, he came from the White Sox. Almost as bad as coming from the Yankees. Almost. But I decided to give him a chance because he's not your typical White Sox player; he's actually a nice guy (AJP anyone??) and he could really help us out if he stays injury-free. Thus far, he's been a great addition...let's hope he keeps it up.
  • The Franchise--Liriano's had a rough go of it the past couple seasons but if he's on par this season, he could stack up there with Johan Santana! (who I still miss if anyone's counting...)
  • Starting rotation--youngest in the majors! At 27, Scott Baker is the 'veteran' of our starting pitchers...but they've all proven themselves in the past and honestly, if they all have good seasons in the same season, we could do really great!
  • Matt Tolbert. Now, most people don't agree with me on this and that's okay...but I think Tolbert is one heckuva player (and no, not just because he's cute!) I mean, during spring training it was him, Buscher, and Harris all contending for the final two spots...and, had the Twins not gone for 12 pitchers, Tolbert would have made the cut. Provided our starting rotation does well and can pitch well into the game, Gardy may end up cutting back to the normal 11-pitchers and call Tolbert back up. Let's hope so!
Ok, I'm done rambling about baseball...but I'm so excited for the season! Last season in the dome :( and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one upset about that!

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