Sunday, January 11, 2009


My friend recently tagged me in her post of random things. Basically, what you do is just write a bunch of random things (that people may or may not) know about you. You can be completely serious, absolutely hilarious and 100% open. Feel free to share as much (or as little!) as you want! When you're done making your list, go ahead and tag some of your own friends that you want to learn more about!

  1. I cry hysterically every single time I watch Ladder 49.
  2. I feel like I'm destined for great things--I just falter when figuring out what they are and how to accomplish them.
  3. I was put on this Earth to be a wife and a mom.
  4. I miss my college friends more than anything.
  5. I really prayed for the first time last night and it felt great!
  6. I usually feel like a skinny girl in a fat girls body--and this year I'm going to do everything I can to change that.
  7. If I could be best friends with any celebrity, it would be Amanda Bynes.
  8. If I could go back to the beginning of college, I would major in marine biology and be an animal trainer.
  9. I would jump for joy if Bob from The Biggest Loser was my personal trainer.
  10. I love love love the Manning brothers vs. Williams sisters commercials. (Ya know, the press conference ones? "Yeah? Well my brother and I would like to announce that it's on like donkey kong!")
  11. I've started to cut my portions when I eat and I can already tell a difference.
  12. Next step: cutting out junk food and drinking more water.
  13. The main reason (outside of the obvious) that I want a job is so i can get a health club membership and start working out.
  14. I have my first four kids names picked out (yes, I said first four) and I've had them picked out for quite some time.
  15. I'm getting better at sticking to a budget.
  16. I hope and pray that Alyssa gets into the U for next year.
  17. On that note, I'm really excited to live with Alyssa when she comes home!
  18. I know I could be a really great girlfriend.
  19. I cry really easily. During tv shows, movies, blogs, the news...heck, even during tv commercials and songs.
  20. I like to criticize myself before other people get the chance.
  21. I'm afraid of getting my heart broken.
  22. Jennie Garth is one of my favorite actresses.
  23. I wish I could have a hundred kids and a hundred animals so I could use all the names I love.
  24. Sometimes I wish I had blue eyes.
  25. But usually I love my brown eyes.
Alright, friends, I'm tagging: Stefanie, Christie, Caela (who probably won't do this), Leslie, and Alison! Have fun!


The Straka's said...

DUDE! Caela I want to read your blog!! I didn't know you had one!!

colesGodmommy said...

She doesn't really post anymore...i think the last one was october...but i tagged her just in case, haha