Sunday, August 31, 2008

labor day approaches...

Labor Day is fast approaching...and that makes me sad...even though it'll still be warm for awhile, Labor Day still means end of summer for me (I'm not quite used to this post-school life yet). I have to remind myself daily that I'm not going back to Winona and, worse yet, CLASSES! Anyway, on to more dreaded news...I lost my camera battery charger. I's horrific! If you know me (and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that if you're reading know me...), then you know how much I love my camera and pictures and, specifically, taking pictures of my niece and nephew...hence, I'm quite depressed lately...if I don't find it soon, I may be forced to go buy a new one :(

Boo! Well...since I don't have my camera camera, I DO have my cell phone camera...but I haven't gone crazy with it yet (though I've been tempted)...I do have a few new pictures to share with everyone that are pretty have at it!

*Disclaimer* The following pictures are actually backwards in the order that they if you really want to start from last Saturday and go in order, you have to start from the bottom...if you don't care, then here you go!

Ok so...ya know the little play place at Rosedale mall? Fun for kids right? LITTLE kids? Like kids that don't push and shove and run, etc, etc...well when the Splash Park fell through, Stef thought it would be fun to go to the mall and let Cole play for awhile...and he did have fun...BUT there was like 7 kids that were at least 9 or 10 and over running all over the place...not so much fun for the little kids right? PLUS we had to wait like 15 minutes for this lady to take her kid out of the car so Cole could ride it...and her kid wasn't even riding it...just sitting in it. I know I'm complaining but it's more because poor Cole didn't get to enjoy everything as much as he could have! I just hate stupid parents! *Ok my venting is over...I'll be positive from here on out...*
On Tuesday, I FINALLY got to watch Ellie and Maddie! (I only think I've been asking...scratch that...bugging Courtney about it for like a year!) Anyways, the girls were so much fun of course. Ellie was hilarious, as was to be expected and Maddie was just adorable. This is the face Ellie made after she asked me to take a picture of her...

Then after she looked at it, she asked me to take a picture of here's Maddie and the craziness that was her hair! (After the picture of Maddie, she asked to see a picture of 'Dole' so I showed her a picture of Cole and she grabbed my phone and kissed was the cutest thing ever)

This is the two of them in the ball pit (which I believe is from Stef and Greg) which they loved all afternoon long...I think they were in and out of it for like 45 minutes straight...

And after Maddie went to bed, Ellie asked if she could "watch two episodes of Backyardigans"...yes, she actually asked for two I said sure...she then proceeded to pull her rocking chair over and put it right in front of the screen! (Dont' worry...I moved her back a little bit, haha)

Oh...and before I forget, the funniest Ellie story of the night was as follows:
Me: Ellie, what would you like for dinner?
Ellie: Chicken nuggets! What would you like for dinner?
Me: Hmm...I'll have chicken nuggets too. What else do you want for dinner?
Ellie: I'll have corn...what else do you want for dinner?
Me: I'll have corn too. Do you want milk for dinner?
Ellie: you want milk for dinner?
Me: Sure, I'll have some milk...
That was it...she didn't repeat me all day or anything, just for dinner...I think she was just being polite and making sure I wanted some dinner too...haha
Ok so this of Anne...with...dun dun dun, COMPLETELY STRAIGHT HAIR! I think it took me like 40 minutes to make it this straight but it looks so great doesn't it?! (Not that it doesn't normally...)
This is little miss Kennedy...and, apparantly, the most comfortable way to sleep for 2 hours while walking around the fair...I just had to get a picture of it because to adults, we would wake up with the biggest kink in our neck...but Kennedy just loved it!
Ok so these pictures are from Saturday when I watched Cole all day while Stef and Greg went to the fair....this was at like 10, an hour or so after breakfast and Cole was hungry you can see, he's doing the "eat" sign...
So this is something Stefanie warned me about...and I was so certain that my cute, adorable nephew would never do something like push the water button and spill water all over the kitchen floor but oh did he try! And just like she said, he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes and who can say no to that?!
So...Cole hasn't taken a morning nap in AGES but he must have been having a tired week or something because Stef said there was two days that week where he fell asleep on her at like 10 or here are the starting signs of a tired boy:
And here's him being even more tired and all snuggled up with auntie...maybe Blues Clues was a bad idea?
And here was the end result...a completely tuckered out boy! I had to wake him at 11:15 for lunch and otherwise he wouldn't sleep in the afternoon...which, he didn't fall asleep until like 2:45 anyways, haha....but he was just so exhausted, I couldn't help but let him sleep! Plus I love my snuggles...since he really doesn't fall asleep on people anymore. I had to take advantage!

Alright thats it...hopefully I'll find my camera battery charger shortly and we can fix this picture drought we've been living in!


Michelle Albertson said...

It's true -- babies DO have the weirdest sleeping positions! Keagan actually sleeps like that quite often too!

Stefanie, Greg, Cole, and Jack said...

Heck yes I bought them the ball pit!!! The sweetest gift out there!!