Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Sunday!

Ok...I feel like I'm posting all the time now! Anyways...Sunday was the annual ALS kickoff at the Dome...they always have a lunch and a little shindig before the game...and it's always a good time! This year it was kind of huge family! Instead it was Stef, Greg, Cole, Jeff's parents Sue and Herb, and me. We were missing Dad who was down in Rochester, Anne who was in the Dominican Republic on a missions trip, and of course Christie and Jeff who were in the hospital with baby Kennedy! We still had fun even though we were a small group this year!

After the game, Stef and I went down to the hospital to spend some time with Christie, Jeff, and Kennedy...Jeff went out to run some errands and pick up some baby stuff, so we had some time for just us sisters and that was lots of fun! Here's some pics from the weekend!

Cole was VERY into clapping for the twins...this picture was when the starting players were getting announced....Cole was a great fan and cheered for every one!

ok call me lame but i think this picture is REALLY cool!!

Elf anyone? I know Christie loves that movie as much as I do so she'll get it... :)

Of course the game was right during Cole's regular naptime...but he was such a trooper! He napped on Stef for about 40 minutes and was super good the rest of the time!

Here he is sleeping on his momma...she's covering his ears but even after she stopped, he slept through all the noises and cheers!

Next, it was off to visit Kennedy. Stef and I stayed for a few hours and gave mommy and daddy lasch a helping hand when Kennedy wanted to make her presence known :) I prefer to think of it as her just wanting to hang out with her aunties!

After awhile, she passed out for a good hour or so...and once daddy came back with those gas drops, she was golden!

she had her eyes open and was having a full conversation with auntie stef at the end of the night!

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Christie, Jeff and Kennedy said...

you're right. I do love that Fransisco pic. But now I want to watch Elf. In August.