Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Tuesday

So...as I'm sitting here watching the All-Star game, I realized I might as well update so I don't go a month without updating again...it's only been, GASP, a week!

What's new in my life? Umm...I house-sat and puppy nephew-sat for Stef and Greg from Thursday to Sunday...that was fun! Jacky and I had a good time snuggling every night! And he had fun waking me at 445 and 630 every morning! Except Sunday...sunday he waited until 830 to wake me up...that was very considerate of him! Apparantly Sunday is a day of rest for dogs too...

Then on Monday, we had Mom's speech. Mom (Belinda to all you folks who are not her children) is going back to school at Northwestern College to get a degree in some counseling/preachy/something I can't remember. That's a horrible description but I honestly can't remember what it's called. All I know is that she wants to help sick people in a Godly way or something. lol...ok stop laughing at the description. Anyways, before she can officially start that degree, she's got to get a few gen ed credits out of the way--so right now, she's taking an independent study speech class...and since it's independent study, she has to find 12 people to listen to each speech (there's 4). This was her last one so we had a bunch of family, and Greg's family, over to Stefs last night to listen to the speech and then have dinner together. That was actually a lot of fun! It's nice every once in awhile to get together with everyone...even though I didn't get to talk to everyone for a long time, it's still nice to see them periodically.

So, after a long few days, I got a surprise today! Christy didn't have to go into work today which means I didn't have to go into work today either! That was nice. Although, it would have been better if I didn't have to go tomorrow for my 11--possibly, 12--hour day! haha Noo...I really don't mind it, I love my job and I actually kinda miss Gracie so it'll be nice to get back tomorrow...and hopefully get Gracie back on her schedule that I'm sure she was off of today. :)

Other than that, not much else is new...OH! I talked to padre about my plan and he said he wants me to stay for a year. Or that he thought I would stay for a year. So my plan is basically to have a goal of moving out in October, just saving up plenty but know that I have the option to stay. It's basically going to come down to how much I make at my next job. If I make enough, I think I'll still stick to my plan of October...if not, I may stay awhile longer and really save everything. So cross your fingers that I can find a family who will pay me enough that I can move out! Not that I don't love living with dad but at almost 23, I'm itching to get out on my own and have my own place!

So that's that...hopefully I'll see you again soon! ;) Peace!