Wednesday, April 2, 2008

cole makes typing fun.... maybe no one will find this as funny as I do...but that's okay...I think it's hilarious. Stefanie and I were talking to each other online today and Cole decided that he had a few things to say.

(Note: sstraka25 is, obviously, stefanie...which would make me the other one, lemonielynn) Oh...and Cole's contribution is bolded...that way you can easily see just how much he had to say...

LeMoNieLyNn: my headache was so bad last night i went to bed at 10:30, when was the last time i did THAT?
sstraka25: I was in bed at 945
sstraka25: 1`~
sstraka25: that was your godson
LeMoNieLyNn: oh good thing i didn't text you then...i almost did at 1030 to ask how lame i was
LeMoNieLyNn: haha hi cole bear!
sstraka25: azzazazazaZzz
sstraka25 : zz
sstraka25: z

LeMoNieLyNn : aldfjafkjda;kgjaek;g
LeMoNieLyNn: tell him that means auntie loves him
sstraka25: ZASRWQA
LeMoNieLyNn: lol
sstraka25: 1``1
sstraka25: 1111`AZSsxsS

LeMoNieLyNn: do that when you talk to cole about me
sstraka25: SZAsaaaaaaaaaaaAaazsas`
sstraka25: ok
LeMoNieLyNn: it's easy!
sstraka25: i FORGOT TO LOOK IT UP
sstraka25: aaaaaaaaaaaaasxas
LeMoNieLyNn: lol
sstraka25: thank you
sstraka25: zzzzzzza1qqq111111111111111111111111111
LeMoNieLyNn: oh cole
sstraka25: ssssssq
sstraka25: ok annoyed yet? cause I am
LeMoNieLyNn: lol
sstraka25: hahaha
LeMoNieLyNn: does he keep hitting the caps lock or is that you?
sstraka25: he does
LeMoNieLyNn: lol

Notice that Stefanie and I continued talking throughout Cole's typing anyways...we're just that cool.

And to end on a completely fitting note:

LeMoNieLyNn: you're going to love my new blog entry
sstraka25: I HAVE TO READ IT

I think the CAPS LOCK has Cole's name all over it...

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Stefanie, Greg, Cole, and Jack said...

I just read Cole the blog (yes, every letter he wrote had a sound/word for it). He laughed really hard with the words he wrote...think he understands it?