Wednesday, April 16, 2008

..and back for more...

Alright...I just couldn't handle leaving the blog on a negative note. I guess. I'm trying out this whole positive, good-karma thing...and I'm kind of curious to see if it works. I figure it's been, what, almost 5 months since I got home from school and started looking for a job? Ok well I guess I didn't start looking the SECOND I got home from school...I figured I had watching Joey and the christmas season to relax from a stressful semester at school. But I DID start looking mid-January so it's been at least a solid 3 months that I've been actively looking. Or getting interviews at REALLY crappy places! (Let me tell you...please be glad I did not have this blog when I interviewed at Endeaver...that would have been some really nasty karma!)

So anyways...I figure, let's try this whole "good things come to those who wait/good karma pays off" thing...maybe it'll work out! I guess we'll know in a couple weeks if I'm employed or not!

So to make up for my horribly negative/frustrated blog yesterday, I'm going to share some pictures from today. Stef came over with Cole to hang out with Grandma B and me...Cole stayed home with G-ma and Stef and I had some lovely sister time--shopped for Cole's bday party, did some grocery shopping, and who could forget, a trip to the bank (where the I-won't-call-them-gross tellers always seem to hit on me...I'm going to leave out the normal obligatory 'ew' and replace it with a "not my type" comment). After that we went home to have some lunch with mom and luckily (for me!) Cole fell asleep on his grandma so Stef and Cole HAD to stay for the afternoon! Anyways, I got some cute pics of Cole so I'm going to share..that's a nice thing to do right?!

This first pic shows how much food Cole likes to put in his hair during lunch...

Next just so happens to be my favorite picture of the day...Cole looks ridiculously handsome! (even WITH mashed potatoes all in his face!)

I know I know...even more eating pictures! But this one is a close up so you can REALLY see all the food stuck to his face! I just couldn't help but post it...

After lunch, I got all tuckered out and fell asleep on Grandma B!

Alright, I suppose I'm about finished! Hope you all (i.e. Stef) enjoyed the pictures! Here's to a brighter tomorrow! ;)

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